Session Proposals

The Annual Conference and Education Committees are soliciting submissions of Session Proposals to the group at large, or in defined breakout sessions.  The Proposal should serve as a building block under the general, inspirational theme of “Bulletproofing the Defense Alliance” however, each proposed presentation should be designed as a stand alone topic. 

CLM Annual Conference:     Bulletproofing the Defense Alliance
                                             March 11 - 13, 2009
                                             Phoenix, Arizona 

Audience: 500 total, consisting of approximately 300 Members (practicing attorneys) and 200 Fellows (Risk Managers, Adjusters, General Counsel, Claims and Litigation Managers, Service Providers) 

RECOMMENDATION OF TOPICS:  If you would like to see a particular topic covered at the conference, please send an e-mail to the Education Committee’s Annual Conference co-chairs:
Anne Blume ( and Dan Mullin (

DESCRIPTION OF PRESENTATION & TOPICS TO BE COVERED (200 WORDS OR LESS)Provide learning objectives in an outline form for the theme and sub-themes or “take aways” for the audience

PRESENTERS:  Your proposal should identify, to the extent possible, the number of presenters, their general qualifications or attributes.   Please be sure to include the following for all proposed speakers: Name, Title, Address, Company, Phone, Fax and email address and a narrative biography limited to 125 words or less.  

PARTNERING:  Do you have a proposal presentation partner?  If yes, please identify. 

DURATION AND FORMAT:  Advise whether the materials proposed can be covered in 45 or 60 minutes, the anticipated audience interaction level and structure for discussion.  Also, is this a premier production?  If your proposal includes material that you have presented to others, we want to know.  Success stories are welcome.  Please tell us when and where. 

WRITTEN MATERIALS:   Always a good idea and scholarship is welcome.

AUDIO/VISUAL NEEDS:  Please describe your optimum set-up.

PRE-EVENT NEEDS:  For the truly ambitious, what, if anything, would you ask the CLM to communicate to attendees or ask attendees to perform in advance? 

TERMS OF ACCEPTANCE: As a speaker you will be asked to sign a speaker agreement form, agreeing to the following:  to not specifically promote the products or services of your company/organization and to submit an outline and handout materials by the requested deadlines.  Failure to meet these deadlines will be cause for removal from the presenter list.  You must not violate any copyright or proprietary interest and the content of sessions and handouts becomes the property of CLM for disbursement to members and potential members.  Speakers do not receive compensation or expense reimbursement from CLM. 

Submissions: Proposals should be sent to Anne Blume (,
                       Dan Mullin ( and Adam Potter (

Deadlines:    September 1, 2008: Submission of Proposal
                      October 1, 2008: Identification of Speakers; Outlines
                      January 1, 2009: Submission of Written Materials                       
                      February 1, 2009: Submission of Power Point Presentation